Register Your New or Used Vehicle for the First Time

You have selected the easiest and most convenient way for Cullman County residents to register new or used vehicles for the first time or to transfer a license plate from one vehicle to another.

Please have the following items on hand to complete this process:

  • Alabama Title Application
  • Bill of Sale
  • Driver License(s) - Required for BOTH owners if there are two on the title application
  • Valid Alabama Insurance (for the vehicle being registered)
  • Personalized Tag Requests – If you would like to personalize a tag, you must first reserve a message through the Alabama Plate Reservation and Ordering System (PROS). When your personalized reservation has been approved, you may return to this website to continue the registration process. You will be asked to upload a copy of the receipt from the PROS site to complete your application.

How would you like to proceed?

New Registration
Use this option to start a new registration application.
Pending Registrations
Use this option to view any pending registrations.